Barcelona, third best city in Europe to set up a start-up

Barcelona is the third best city in Europe according to entrepreneurs to set up their start-up if they had to start again from scratch. It’s one of the conclusions from the annual report by British investment firm Atomico “The State of European Tech”, which analyses the evolution of the tech and entrepreneurial scene in Europe in the last three years.

Throughout these years, Barcelona has always remained within the top 5 but this 2017 moves one position up and enters the podium, only behind London and Berlin and ahead of cities like Paris and Amsterdam. 21% of the 300 people that took part in the survey picked Barcelona and its interesting to highlight that 90% of the votes came outside Spain given the international character of Barcelona.

Initiatives like Barcelona International Community Day reflect this international condition and the city’s will to welcome and keep foreign talent as it’s considered a key asset of the social, economic and cultural development of Barcelona.