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Other urban servicesBarcelona City CouncilC7Info
Financial, legal and business servicesBanc SabadellC6Info
Insurance, medical and health servicesAllianz CareC2Info
Real estate and relocation servicesATIPIKA - Lifestyle PropertiesC4Info
Primary and Secondary EducationBarcelona International Schools Association (BISA)/Info
Real estate and relocation servicesEres RelocationC5Info
Recruitment services and talent managementPage PersonnelC1Info
Financial, legal and business servicesSpacesC3Info
Communication and mediaExpat.comB11Info
Communication and mediaExpaticaB24Info
Cultural and educational servicesBiblioteques de BarcelonaB16Info
Cultural and educational servicesBricks 4 KidzB34Info
Cultural and educational servicesCentre de Normalització Lingüística de Barcelona B28Info
Cultural and educational servicesConsorci d'Educació de BarcelonaB22/B29Info
Cultural and educational servicesMemory KidsB2Info
Cultural and educational servicesThe Nanny LineB26Info
Financial, legal and business servicesBalcells Lawyers Group (Legal, Immigration, Business and Taxes)B36Info
Financial, legal and business servicesCámaras de Comercio Europeas de BarcelonaB23Info
Financial, legal and business servicesIntegra AdvisersB30Info
Financial, legal and business servicesKPMG AbogadosB5Info
Financial, legal and business servicesMartin & MariñoB25Info
Financial, legal and business servicesUHY Fay & CoB8Info
Higher educationLa Salle - Ramon Llull UniversityB17Info
Higher educationL'IDEM Creative Arts School France / Barcelona B6Info
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Insurance, medical and health servicesFortefis / Ergo OfficeB31Info
Insurance, medical and health servicesSanitas PoblenouB13Info
Insurance, medical and health servicesTuró Park Medical & Dental CenterB27Info
Insurance, medical and health servicesVitalia Quiropráctica B12Info
Language servicesAssadéB10Info
Language servicesKingsbrook IdiomasB37Info
Language servicesLanguages4LifeB32Info
Leisure activities and sports centresDiputació de BarcelonaB15Info
Leisure activities and sports centresInstitut Barcelona EsportsB20Info
Leisure activities and sports centresPhysiotherapy Barcelona & Running BarcelonaB35Info
Leisure activities and sports centresTurisme de Barcelona B18Info
Other urban servicesAvancarB33Info
Other urban servicesBicing and Zoo de BarcelonaB19Info
Other urban servicesMercats de BarcelonaB21Info
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Real estate and relocation servicesInspire Boutique ApartmentsB7Info
Real estate and relocation servicesLUCAS FOX International PropertiesB4Info
Recruitment services and talent managementCatenon B14Info
Recruitment services and talent managementTalent Search PeopleB3Info
Primary and Secondary EducationAmerican School of BarcelonaD2Info
Primary and Secondary EducationBenjamin Franklin International SchoolD8Info
Primary and Secondary EducationDeutsche Schule Barcelona - Colegio AlemánD1Info
Primary and Secondary EducationES International SchoolD3Info
Primary and Secondary EducationGresol International - American SchoolD10Info
Primary and Secondary EducationHamelin-Laie International SchoolD12Info
Primary and Secondary EducationHighlands School BarcelonaD13Info
Primary and Secondary EducationLycée Français de BarceloneD4Info
Primary and Secondary EducationLycée Français de Gavà Bon SoleilD7Info
Primary and Secondary EducationNACE SchoolsD14Info
Primary and Secondary EducationOAK House SchoolD9Info
Primary and Secondary EducationScuola Italiana di BacellonaD11Info
Primary and Secondary EducationSEK Catalunya International SchoolD5Info
Primary and Secondary EducationSt. Peter's School BarcelonaD6Info
Cultural and educational servicesFundació Institut Confuci de BarcelonaA11Info
Cultural and educational servicesSIETAR España (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)A9Info
Leisure activities and sports centresClub Natació BarcelonaA15Info
Professional and business relationsASODAME-Club BPW-BCN (Business Professional Women)A1Info
Professional and business relationsProfessional Women’s Network (PWN) BarcelonaA13Info
Professional and business relationsRed Global MX (Mexicanos calificados en el exterior) Capítulo Barcelona A7Info
Professional and business relationsUnion des Français de l'ÉtrangerA2Info
Professional and business relationsVenezuelan Business Club A10Info
Social and cultural relationsAsociación Cultural Casa Rusa en CataluñaA3Info
Social and cultural relationsAsociación ucraniana DjereloA5Info
Social and cultural relationsBarcelona Women's Network (BWN)A14Info
Social and cultural relationsBarcelone Accueil - Cercle des FrançaisA16Info
Social and cultural relationsCasa degli Italiani di BarcellonaA6Info
Social and cultural relationsClub Suizo de BarcelonaA12Info
Social and cultural relationsEuropeans in CataloniaA4Info
Social and cultural relationsInterNationsA8Info

The Venezuelan Business Club (VBC) is a global platform that was founded in 2003 to offer the Venezuelan business and professional community abroad a place to meet and connect by promoting business opportunities and integration in addition to offering value in the cities where it’s present.
Website/email: www.venbc.org / infobcn@venbc.org


A pioneer whole child and youth stimulation centre in Barcelona.
Interdisciplinary psycho-pedagogical detection, assessment and interventions.
Neuroeducation, multisensory stimulation and multiple intelligences, social skills, physical therapy and creativity. Professionals and next generation neurocognitive stimulation technologies for special education and psychological needs. Means of communication: literacy, signs, Braille, audiovisual, drama.
Website/email: www.memorykids.es / info@memorykids.es

Barcelone accueil - Cercle des Français

Barcelone Accueil is an association of French people and Francophiles who gather to do activities relating to French and Spanish culture. They also help recent arrivals settle down.
Website/email: www.cercledesfrancais.es / karimjoutet@yahoo.fr

Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona

La Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona is an institution that was founded by Casa Asia (Asian House), Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Beijing Foreign Studies University in China.
It’s a non-profit institution that was created to promote the development of teaching Chinese language and culture in Catalonia. It promotes and disseminates courses and teaching materials linked to official Chinese academic programmes. It also advises anyone who wishes to study, work or do business in China.
Website/email: www.confuciobarcelona.es / fundacion@confuciobarcelona.es


An association that nurtures Ukrainian culture, traditions and customs in Catalonia and Spain. They enable association members contact with their country in an educational, entertaining or professional way in addition to facilitating the integration of recent arrivals in the country.
Plus, they organise different workshops and activities such as artisanry, embroidering and cooking to promote their culture.
Website/email: www.djerelo.es / olgadzyuban@hotmail.com


Discover your Posture Archetype: Knowing your archetype is the first step to Posture Transformation. Learn the causes of your pains along with Neuro-Postural  & Ergonomic Solutions. Come have your Posture & Archetype Assessed today.

Dr. Muriel Poli, DC: Empowering you to Look, Move and Feel Great!  
Web/email: www.vitaliaquiro.com / info@vitaliaquiro.com


A group of businesswomen —self-employed, business owners and executives— with products and services from all sectors interested in including women from other countries and exchanging experiences and business with an opportunity for growth and expansion. They contribute excellent perspectives on improvement and creativity for companies and female entrepreneurs. Open for registration for the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as networking.
Web/email: www.asodame.com / elena-memora@telefonica.net


Barcelona Women’s Network is a social group made up of international women.  The group’s aim is to encourage friendship and a greater cultural understanding of Barcelona and Catalonia as well as to give something back to the community through donation raising events and monthly activities.
Web/email: www.bcnwomensnetwork.com / bwn@bcnwomensnetwork.com


A sport and social club with more than 100 years of history, it is located in a privileged spot opposite the Barceloneta beach. With 24,000 m2 of facilities, it offers a great variety of indoor and outdoor sporting activities for the whole family.
Web/email: www.cnb.cat / mmoncunill@cnb.cat


Founded in 1865, it is the oldest Italian institution abroad. It’s a charity-cultural association located in a historic modernist building on Pasaje Méndez Vigo. The association is the meeting place for Italians in Barcelona.
Web/email: www.casaitaliani.com / comunicazione@casaitaliani.com


The first social network designed by and for people who live and/or work outside their cities of origin which helps strengthen personal and professional contact networks through almost-weekly events. It’s a unique atmosphere where expatriates from all different sectors, markets and cultures blend together.
Web/email: www.internations.org / paulconde@yahoo.com


Its aim is to establish a meeting place for Swiss nationals and people residing in Barcelona irrespective of their nationality as well as to stimulate social life and contribute to the development of all types of relations between Spain and Switzerland. To do so, it organises recreational cultural and gastronomy activities and socio-economic encounters.

Web/email: www.clubsuizobarcelona.com / presidencia@clubsuizobarcelona.com


Europeans in Catalonia is a pro-European movement created to disseminate the values of the European Union and the benefits of being a part of it as well as to promote cohesion among all citizens from a diversity perspective.
Web/email: www.europeansincatalonia.org / info@europeansincatalonia.org


PWN is a non-profit organisation aimed at making progress in gender-balanced leadership. Its global network has 4,000 members and some of its main activities include: a mentoring programme, monthly workshops aimed at learning and career advancement as well as a monthly event where those in attendance may boost their careers through the PWN corporate and business professional network with English as the vehicular language. Come join the PWN Barcelona community today and let’s make progress together!

Web/email: www.pwnbarcelona.net / community@pwnbarcelona.net


Red Global MX was designed as an interconnected global network in which highly-qualified members of the migrant community living abroad participate and collaborate on projects to benefit Mexico with the ultimate aim of contributing to the country’s development. The network’s organisation model is based on Global Coordination, Regional Coordination Offices and Chapters that establish their own goals and objectives. Chapters are groups with a local identity that endorse the Red Global MX mission.
Web/email: www.redglobalmxbcn.com / talentia.info@gmail.com

SIETAR ESPAÑA (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)

SIETAR Spain (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) is a platform that promotes intercultural education, training and research to facilitate expatriates’ and their families’ adaptation and integration into different cultures as well as productivity in global work teams.
Web/email: www.sietar.es / barcelona@sietar.es


Through its City Promotion Department, the City Council of Barcelona works to welcome, invigorate and loyalise the international community living in the city and surrounding area. Barcelona Activa, the organisation responsible for boosting the city’s economic development, fosters services for all residents such as employment policies and support for entrepreneurs and companies in order to meet the needs of the people in the various neighbourhoods from a diversified economy approach.
Web /email: www.barcelona.cat / www.barcelonactiva.cat / citypromotion@barcelonactiva.cat


Union des Français de l’Étranger is an association of public utility present in 110 countries through 180 representative offices. It assists the French community with all aspects of living abroad whether concerning practical matters upon arrival or organising social, cultural and sport events throughout the year in addition to job search services.
Web/email: www.emploi-espagne.org / www.facebook.com/ufecatalogne / barcelone@ufe-espagne.com


With more than 135 years of history, Banc Sabadell is the head of the fourth largest private bank group in the country and is one of the best capitalised Spanish financial institutions. Banc Sabadell has more than 219 billion euros in assets and is trusted by 12 million customers. In the last decade, it went through a historical growth phase making its strength clear throughout the crisis and the restructuring of the Spanish financial system as well as its international expansion entering Mexico, Peru, Colombia and the United Kingdom where it acquired the bank TSB in 2015. Banc Sabadell is a pioneer in the establishment of branches and offices that specialise in non-resident foreigners in Spain, whether expatriate customers or residential tourism customers.

Web/email: www.bancsabadell.com / info@bancsabadell.com


Allianz Care is the specialised Allianz Partners (Grupo Allianz) brand that offers international health, life and disability insurance as well as a broad range of healthcare and protection services for organisations, companies and private citizens around the world. These products and services help people, families, international students, SMEs, large multinational companies, intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other organisations attract and retain staff, look after their wellbeing and manage international mobility with complete protection guarantees.
Web/email: www.allianzworldwidecare.com / carlos.delacruz@allianz.com / sales@allianzworldwidecare.com


At ATIPIKA, they’ve been offering property buying and selling, leasing and asset management solutions since 1999, all adapted to each client’s and each owner’s needs. Thousands of property brokerage transactions back their immense professionalism. Their clients include Spanish and international private individuals, multinational companies, consulates, financial institutions and official organisations. With extensive international experience and in-depth sector knowledge, their multilingual team offers personalised attention and excellent properties in the best areas of Barcelona city, Baix Llobregat and Maresme. Their main offices are conveniently located for meetings with clients right in the middle of Passeig de Gràcia, the most emblematic spot in Barcelona. The products available include residential properties, offices, investment products, land and hotels.
Web/email: www.atipika.com / info@atipika.com


BISA is the association that groups most of the international schools in Barcelona: American School of Barcelona, Benjamin Franklin International School, British School of Barcelona, British College of Gavà, Deutsche Schule Barcelona, ES International School, Kensington School, Lycée Français de Barcelone, Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil, Oak House School, SEK Catalunya International School, Schweizerschule Barcelona and Scuola Italiana di Barcellona. All of these schools have come together to improve the quality of their teaching, share resources, create a climate of international cooperation and create ties between members and the pertinent local and international governments.
Web/email: www.bisa.info / info@bisa.info


At Page Personnel, they help you with your career. They’re in contact with the best companies in Barcelona to link them with the best international talent. Specialising in different sectors and professional profiles, their international consultants know the market and can advise you. Page Personnel changes lives!
Web/email: www.pagepersonnel.es / comunicacion@pagepersonnel.es


At Eres Relocation, they’re specialists in managing employee international mobility. They provide immigration, relocation, taxation and consulting services to companies and private individuals. They have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Lisbon, Oporto, Paris and Milan and cover all destinations in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy through their network of collaborators in more than 80 countries around the world.
Web/email: www.eresrelocation.com / barcelona@eresrelocation.com


Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces arose out of the idea that success leads to more success. That’s why they’ve created a community of partners who are thinkers, winners and talented dreamers. They’ve organised workspaces that adapt to all your needs and their team handles all the details so you can focus on your next great idea. Spaces. Your place to work.
Web/email: www.spacesworks.com / reception.22arroba@spacesworks.com


Oak House School is a private non-profit foundation that was established in 1968 as a co-ed school offering nursery, primary, mandatory secondary and pre-university studies for children aged 3 to 18 following the British curriculum in Early Years and Primary. In Year 2 (1st primary in Spain) Spanish and Catalan subjects are added and Social Science as of Year 4. The Spanish education model is followed for mandatory secondary (ESO in Spain) and a fourth language is added: French or German. In 3rd and 4th ESO (Years 10 and 11), students prepare for external Cambridge IGCSE exams. Students can then continue with the Spanish model by doing the social studies or technology bachillerato (A-Level) diploma or choose to do the International Baccalaureate programme which is completely taught in English.
Web/email: www.oakhouseschool.com / admisiones@oakhouseschool.com


American School of Barcelona is a private international mixed, non-profit school. It was founded in 1962 in metropolitan Barcelona and is aimed at students aged 3-18. ASB offers a university prep curriculum which gives its graduates access to US, Spanish and international universities.
Web/email: www.asbarcelona.com / info@asbarcelona.com


An international school in Barcelona offering a US and international curriculum for students aged 3 to 18. The vehicular language is English and the school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the US high school diploma and the Spanish bachillerato diploma. A unique teaching method is used in small-sized classes. BFIS students receive admissions offers from some of the best universities in the world. There is close collaboration between families and the school thanks to a very involved international community representing more than 50 different nationalities.
Web/email: www.bfischool.org / info@bfischool.org


Just like the official German school, the school offers an international education from nursery school to the abitur/selectividad university entrance exam. The 1600 student campus features excellent equipment, sport facilities, a canteen and library. DSB is synonymous to a high level of education that encourages creativity, intercultural exchange, a cooperative climate among classmates, values, the development of autonomy and a social commitment.
Web/email: www.dsbarcelona.com / brendemuehl@dsbarcelona.com


ES International School offers a personalised English-language curriculum based on the United States education system. You can find us at the Academia Sánchez-Casal facilities where we promote sports as an essential part of the programme with a special emphasis on tennis. The programme includes a solid academic foundation that promotes active participation and a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.

Web/email: www.es-school.com / info@es-school.com


Gresol International-American School is a private education institution for students aged 3 to 18. It is associated with nursery schools for children aged 0-3 (GresolKids) in different towns to offer this education system starting at four months of age. The school is on the cutting edge of pedagogical innovation to insure each student reaches their maximum potential both in their academic studies and in their personal development. Gresol places great value on the arts, music, sport and technology skills as an essential part of the learning process. The school is currently in the process of receiving accreditation for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.
Actualment, l’escola es troba en procés d’acreditació per al Programa del Diploma de Batxillerat Internacional (IB).

Web/email: www.gresolschool.com / info@gresolschool.com


Hamelin-Laie International School is a private institution that has been dedicated since 1988 to early childhood education (0 to 5 years), primary education (6 to 12 years), secondary education (12 to 16 years), and the Spanish and international baccalaureate programmes (16 and 17 years). Each student’s own potential is at the basis of its teaching method. Their curiosity for the world is encouraged and tools are provided so they can develop their own work methods all while guiding them to maintain academic rigour. Thus, its students gain an understanding for the school curriculum content in a motivating way. Moreover, the schools works so its students have open and tolerant minds and solid values based on intercultural respect and solidarity all while promoting individual talent and skills so they may develop their own criteria of thought.

Web/email: www.hamelinlaie.com / laie@escolessas.com


Highlands School Barcelona is a private international Catholic school offering Spanish and British education to children aged 1 to 18. It’s a Cambridge International School, Conservatori Liceu de la Música de Barcelona associated school and an RC school. Its slogan “Semper altius” expresses its aspiration to reach the greatest possible integrated development each day with an understanding for intellectual, physical, moral and human excellence. The school has new spacious facilities in a very pleasant green area just a short drive from Barcelona.
Web/email: www.highlandsbarcelona.es / info@highlandsbarcelona.es


The French School of Barcelona (LFB) was founded in the city in 1924. The curricula taught are officially approved by the French National Ministry of Education beginning with early childhood education (nursery school) all the way to the baccalauréat (university entrance exam) pursuant to the French education system. LFB is recognised and authorised by the Spanish government and includes the programmes established by Franco-Spanish cultural agreements. The school’s philosophy is based on the shared values of any democratic society: respect for others, autonomy, responsibility, trust, integrating differences, secularism, solidarity, equity and tolerance.
Web/email: www.lfb.es / lfb@lfb.es


Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil has 1,250 students from nursery school age 3 to baccalaureate year 2. Founded in 1969, LFG follows the French academic system approved by the French National Ministry of Education until 4th ESO (Year 11). “Bachibac” years 1 and 2 (British Years 12 and 13) allow students to earn the double Spanish bachillerato and French baccalauréat diploma. LFG offers integrated education based on humanist and secular values in addition to encouraging cultural awareness through plurilingualism.
Web/email: www.bonsoleil.es / courrier@bonsoleil.es


NACE Schools, a private education group with 33 schools in 6 countries, offers its students an international education of excellence that opens the doors to the best universities in the world and prepares them to successfully live in a border-free future feeling right at home abroad. Some of the schools that belong to the NACE Schools network include: Agora Sant Cugat International School, Agora Patufet Infant School, Agora International School Barcelona and Agora International School Andorra.
Web/email: www.naceschools.com / info@naceschools.com
www.colegioagorasantcugat.es / www.agorapatufet.es / www.colegioagorabarcelona.es / www.cimand.com
info@agorasantcugat.edu.es / info@agorapatufet.edu.es / info@agoraisbarcelona.edu.es / info@cimand.com


The Italian public school of Barcelona includes the “Scuola dell’infanzia paritaria” (boys and girls aged 3 to 5, 6 classes, nearly 130 pupils), the “Scuola primaria” (children aged 6 to 10, 10 classes, nearly 260 pupils), a “Scuola secondaria di 1º grado” also known as “Scuola media” (children aged 11 to 13, 6 classes with 130 pupils), and a “Liceo Scientifico” (children aged 14 to 18, 6 classes with 150 pupils). The vehicular language is Italian although English, Spanish and Catalan are also studied. The Spanish education system officially recognises the Scuola Italiana and allows pupils access to local universities, for example.
Web/email: www.scuolaitalianabarcellona.com / preside@liceoamaldi.com


Founded in Barcelona in 2005, Lucas Fox is the leading estate agency in international client advising. Its success is based on its great team of multilingual professionals, excellent service and an exceptional portfolio of carefully selected properties located in the best areas of Barcelona.

Web/email: www.lucasfox.com info@lucasfox.com


SEK Catalunya International School, the only school in Catalonia to offer the three International Baccalaureate programmes, is just 35 minutes from Barcelona. This trilingual school (English, Spanish and Catalan) provides students with unbeatable facilities to develop in all areas of the curriculum from 4 months to 18 years of age. As a new development this course, SEK-Catalunya has inaugurated its International Boarding House to accommodate students from all over the world.
Web/email: www.sekcatalunya.es / admisiones-catalunya@sek.es


Since 2010, the main objective of Asociación Casa Rusa en Cataluña has been to expand and reinforce cultural ties between Spain, Catalonia, Russia and the rest of the world. It promotes joint projects with organisations within the Russian community throughout Spain and regularly organises international gatherings, competitions, music and dance festivals and expositions with the participation of many artists from all over the world. A significant portion of the association’s work involves disseminating and exchanging information on Russian culture and traditions.

Web/email: www.casarusa.cat / info@casarusa.cat / artfestival@casarusa.cat


At UHY Fay & Co, they advise companies and employees on their rights and obligations with regard to the process of travel to other countries to provide services: employee international mobility policy design, travel agreement preparation, tax, labour and social security issues and the fulfilment of formal obligations: tax and social security notifications.
Web/email: www.uhy-fay.com / flopez@uhy-fay.com


Sanitas Poblenou has worked to specialise in offering the most exclusive and custom-designed private health insurance plans for foreigners residing in Spain. They offer personalised assistance for clients and their attorneys, helping them contract the necessary health insurance to get Spanish residency.

Web/email: oficina-poblenou.sanitas.es / nroiget.pex@sanitas.es


Turó Park Medical & Dental Center has an international team of specialist doctors and dentists who can help patients in several languages such as English, French, Spanish, Catalan or Dutch. Their areas of medical specialisation include: general medicine, paediatrics, orthodontics, infectious diseases and travel medicine, dentistry, speech therapy, dermatology, cosmetic medicine and surgery, otolaryngology, cardiology, gynaecology, chiropractic, sport therapy and clinical analyses. They have a simple website-based appointment request system to guarantee patients can see a specialist as quickly as possible.
Web/email: www.turoparkmedical.com / contact@turoparkmedical.com


Barcelona combines the attractiveness of its culture and architecture with the vitality of a dynamic and sustainable city as can be seen in its commercial, gastronomic and cultural offering as well as its special lifestyle. Turisme de Barcelona promotes the city and offers specific products and services aimed at making it easier to visit the city and discover all sorts of new things.
Web/email: www.visitbarcelona.com / promocio@barcelonaturisme.com


The Nanny Line is an international nanny and babysitting agency. All nannies and babysitters have clean criminal records and a minimum of three years of experience. We offer an online service where mothers and fathers can book the person who best meets their needs: full-time, in-home, part-time or just a few hours.
Web/email: www.nanny-line.com / info@nanny-line.com


Talent Search People is an international human resources consulting firm located in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon disseminating an average of 550 job offers a month in six areas of specialisation: Sales & Marketing, IT & E-commerce, Native Speakers, Finance & Legal, Engineering & Pharmacy and Retail.
Web/email: www.talentsearchpeople.com / marketing@talentsearchpeople.com



Physiotherapy Barcelona and Running Barcelona offer top quality physical therapy, personal training and coaching with their Olympic experience. Their services are multilingual (English, Dutch, German and Spanish) and are based on the official Dutch education system. Individual 60-minute sessions make it possible for you to get your best results just like you did when you were in your native country.
Web/email: www.PhysiotherapyBarcelona.com / www.RunningBarcelona.com / info@PhysiotherapyBarcelona.com / info@RunningBarcelona.com


Barcelona has a system of 40 markets that promote healthy eating with more than 2,300 locations and 7,500 professionals at your service. These markets offer fresh, local and quality products. You’ll find family businesses and new entrepreneurs. And while shopping, you can enjoy the architectural beauty and renovated facilities, learn in their gastronomy workshops or have fun with all the family and cultural activities. Look after yourself, socialise and integrate into the neighbourhood through your local market. Find it on the map. There’s surely one near you.
Web/email: www.mercatsbcn.cat / mercatsbcn@bcn.cat


Talent has no borders and you can’t let opportunities pass you by because of the complex processes involved with moving from one country to another. Martin & Mariño offers International Labor Mobility services covering the entire process in a single integrated and personalised solution: relocation, foreign affairs, taxation, legal affairs and traffic. They facilitate and simplify the day-to-day for private individuals and companies. The whole world is just a step away.
Web/email: www.martinmarino.com / hello@martinmarino.com


At Languages4Life, we help you communicate in Spanish and English. We’re located in a lovely modernist building in the elegant Eixample district just five minutes from the Paseo de Gracia. The school is equipped with the latest technology and the qualified and experienced teachers will help you develop the skills needed to communicate in Spanish and English in small groups with a maximum of eight students and a pleasant atmosphere.

Web/email: www.languages4life.com / learn@languages4life.com


The Salle Campus Barcelona is a university site that was established more than 110 years ago and was a founding member of Universitat Ramon Llull. It specialises in the areas of Animation & VFX, Architecture and Building, ICT Engineering and Management. It offers undergraduate, post-graduate, master’s and doctoral programmes, specialisation and accreditation courses, custom-designed courses and a Summer School. The university, an Aristos Campus Mundus Campus of International Excellence, has 27% international students with more than 60 nationalities and programmes in English, Spanish and Catalan. Its campus is an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem linked to the business world with the Company Incubator and Innovation Park, La Salle Technova, the first university-based accelerator to be among the Top Ten in Europe.
Web/email: www.salleurl.edu / sia@salleurl.edu / admissions@salleurl.edu


The Diputació de Barcelona aims to promote the province of Barcelona as a holiday and business destination. It offers different products and activities designed to make it easier for expatriates to visit the regions of Barcelona. “Barcelona is much more” is a programme that allows people to discover new experiences related to culture, architecture, nature and oenology, among other areas.
Web/email: www.barcelonaesmuchomas.es / promocio@diba.cat


Kingsbrook is a language school with more than 15 years of experience located in Eixample, which also offers Spanish for foreigners. With qualified teachers, a dynamic method and an international and multicultural atmosphere, its courses can be done in groups, individually or in-company depending on your needs. .
Web/email: www.kingsbrookbcn.com / info@kingsbrookbcn.com


KPMG Abogados is a firm of attorneys and professionals who offer tax and legal advisory services of the highest quality from a multidisciplinary approach. Our People Services Department offers comprehensive services covering most tax and legal needs in international mobility cases.
Web: www.kpmg.com


Integra Advisers is a legal and business consulting firm for private individuals and companies who decide to do business or live in Barcelona. Some of the services they offer include legal advising to set up companies, guidance on residency procedures, accounting/tax and labour consulting as well as legal advising for property investments and others. Its aim is to build a bridge between the complex system of administrative and legal processes that must be rigorously completed when investing in a new country.
Web/email: www.integra-advisers.com / luz@integra-advisers.com


Inspire Boutique Apartments is a Hispanic-Belgian property services company that defends buyer’s interests when investing in Barcelona. This team of personal property shoppers is passionate about finding your dream home and accompanying you throughout the process until you have the keys in your hands.
Web/email: www.inspireapartments.com / info@inspireapartments.com


Institut Barcelona Esports, a City Council of Barcelona agency, manages sports facilities and equipment and organises and supports sport events in Barcelona. This work is done considering the city’s development and projection as well as social cohesion in the various neighbourhoods.
Web/email: www.barcelona.cat/esports / eollo@bcn.cat


Relocation and expat solution services, administrative paperwork, concierge services, personal assistant and house hunting. Spanish classes for foreigners through video conferencing with native qualified teachers. Face-to-face, on-site classes in Madrid and Barcelona. Rental of private office spaces and services to the community of entrepreneur women to grow professionally.
Web/email: www.homebasebarcelona.com / homebasebarcelona@gmail.com


Expat.com, the expatriate social network, is the leading multilingual platform dedicated to life abroad. They provide content of interest, networks, tools and services to help their 2.3 million members find success in their expatriation experiences in Barcelona or anywhere else in the world. Join Expat.com for a successful expatriate experience in Barcelona!
Web/email: www.expat.com / julien@expat.com


Expatica is a leading digital platform for the creation and dissemination of news and information exclusively dedicated to the international and expatriate community within Europe. Through its eleven web pages, Expatica reaches more than 3.9 expatriates and international citizens throughout the world.
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With DKV health insurance plans, you can get access to the best private medicine with everything you need to look after your health and quality of life without any access or expenditure limits. Your health is 100% covered all over the world.
Web/email: www.dkvseguros.com / albalucia.hincapie@dkvdirecto.com


Multilingual private physical therapy and rehabilitation services (German, English, Spanish, Catalan and French). It offers: individual 60-minute sessions, an extensive network of international contacts, ergonomics consulting, occupational health promotion, stress management, the sale or ergonomic office furniture and physical therapists trained in Germany. Our personalised service considers your needs so your health can come out winning.

Web/email: www.fortefis.com / www.ergooffice.es / info@fortefis.com / info@ergooffice.es


The Centre de Normalització Lingüística de Barcelona has been promoting the use and knowledge of Catalan language in the city since 1989. We organise Catalan courses of all levels, both classroom-based and online, and offer linguistic consulting to all types of organisations. We foster the Voluntariat per la llengua programme and encourage cultural activities in Catalan throughout the city. Get involved!
Web/email: www.cpnl.cat/barcelona / barcelona@cpnl.cat


The Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona is where you can find information on the educational offering at official language schools on the one hand and on the other, relevant aspects people must know when they want to register their children for school for the first time in the city’s public schools. They can also tell you how to get official homologation and recognition for foreign non-university diplomas.
Web/email: www.edubcn.cat / comunicacio.ceb@gencat.cat


Catenon is a multinational professional search company based on technology that operates under a web model. Its vision is to operate as a single office. The aim is to search for, evaluate and submit candidates from all over the world to its clients wherever they may be through consultants located all over. The final results of the process are presented to the client in a multimedia web-based report using a methodology that analyses and compares each candidate individually using the most advanced technology in the industry.
Web/email: www.catenon.com / barcelona@catenon.com


The European Chambers of Commerce in Barcelona have more than 1,500 associated companies and represent 10 European countries. Their activities include encouraging networking among associates through various activities, the provision of assistance services to companies so they may set up business in different markets and training activities.
• German Chamber of Commerce for Spain – www.ahk.es
• Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona – www.ccblb.com
• Hispano-Finnish Chamber of Commerce – www.camarafinlandesa.com
• French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Barcelona – www.camarafrancesa.es
• Italian Chamber of Commerce – www.camaraitaliana.com
• British Chamber of Commerce in Spain – www.britishchamberspain.com
• Cambra de Comerç Hispanosueca de Barcelona – www.cchsbcn.com
• Hispano-Swedish Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona – www.chp.es
• Hispano-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry — www.circulodanes.com


Bicing is urban transport based on the shared use of bikes. It’s a simple, practical and sustainable service you can use to get around the city. Go wherever you want and whenever you want in a healthy way without any smoke or noise. 
Located in Ciutadella Park—in the heart of the historic city centre—the main purpose of the Barcelona Zoo is to conserve biodiversity and its natural habitats. It houses both native and exotic species, many endangered, and offers visitors a unique opportunity to see animals in all zoological groups and to participate in different educational activities that are included in the ticket price.
Web/email: www.bicing.cat / www.zoobarcelona.cat / smiguel@bsmsa.cat / comercialzoo@bsmsa.cat


Learning science, technology, engineering and maths can be fun and it is fun. Let your kids find out how with Bricks 4 Kidz®. They’ll work in a team as they create, build and figure out challenges. Workshops and birthday parties where they’ll have fun as much as their imagination allows. Learn, build and play with LEGO® Bricks.

Learn, build and play with LEGO® Bricks.
Web/email: www.bricks4kidz.es/barcelona / barcelona@bricks4kidz.es


The 40 municipal libraries in Barcelona offer various services and activities: lending books in different languages, for learning (and self-learning) Catalan and Spanish, language exchanges, activities for kids, reading clubs, etc. There will be explanations throughout the day on how to get a free Biblioteques de Barcelona library card.
Web/email: www.barcelona.cat/biblioteques / biblios@bcn.cat


Balcells Lawyers Group is a legal and multidisciplinary firm with more than forty years of experience helping Spanish and international clients resolve immigration, tax, business and other issues in Spain and Andorra.
Web/email: www.balcellsgroup.com / www.immigrationspain.es / info@balcellsgroup.com


Avancar is the most intelligent way to get around the city. They have more than 400 cars and vans that can be booked by the hour or by the day, all right near you. Drive cars or vans by the hour or by the day starting at €1.50/h with petrol, insurance, roadside assistance and up to 80 km included.

Web/email: www.avancar.es / info@avancar.es


L´Idem Barcelona is a L’Idem France school which was founded in 1997. It offers double French and European degrees so students can earn an international higher degree in Digital Design (in English), 2D/3D Animation and Videogames. L’Idem is a member of RECA (Animation Film Schools Network) which groups together the 20 best schools in France.

Web/email: www.lidembarcelona.com / info@lidembarcelona.com


ASSADÉ offers reinforcement and language classes for students from international schools. They offer reinforcement in Maths, Biology, Physics and other subjects taught in the language used at your school. Plus, they help children, adolescents and adults learn German, Spanish, English, French and Italian with great success.
Web/email: www.assade.es / assade.bcn@gmail.com


St. Peter’s School Barcelona offers an independent education system: with its own curriculum, its students (12 months to 18 years of age) prepare themselves to face the challenges they will find throughout life. A complete programme of international exams culminates with the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme to guarantee access to Spanish and international universities and complete a portfolio combining five languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, French and German) as well as scientific, technological, humanistic and communication skills and knowledge. Moreover, it provides a personal development programme aimed at helping its students become critical-thinking citizens with open minds who are ready to live, study and work wherever they wish.
Web/email: www.stpeters.es / cescorcia@stpeters.es