Software developer
9 years in Barcelona

Mamadou came to Barcelona at the age of 16 with lots of dreams and hopes but mostly because he wanted to help financially his family back in Senegal. He’s been living in Barcelona for 9 years now.

In Barcelona, he works as a software developer and he loves it because it allows him to help people: they tell him what they need and he transforms it to tangible solutions.

What do you like most about living in Barcelona?
The people, it just never cease to amaze me how open minded and welcoming they are. And of course it’s a very beautiful city. It surprises me how many opportunities one can have if they socialize in this city. I’d recommend everyone who has just arrived to meet a lot of people and go to lots of events, not only their field related but cultural too.

What did Barcelona bring you in your life?
Barcelona made a more open minded person and taught me a lot about other cultures which are so diverse from mine

What can Barcelona improve?
I think they should control more the cost of living, mostly the apartments, it getting very difficult to get nice place to live for a fear price. And they should be more intercultural events or workshops in the city to gather locals and foreigners all in one place to exchange ideas on how to improve the city.

What do you like to do in Barcelona on a day off?
Just wonder around and meet people from everywhere.

Why did you choose Montjuïc as your favorite place in Barcelona?
Because it relaxes me to be around nature and also make me dream big, whenever I contemplate the city from that high mountain I tell myself to dream whatever I want because everything is possible.