Popular culture and fun at Barcelona ICD

It’s not only us who say so; our new host ambassadors also remind us: you must take advantage of Barcelona’s great cultural offer. With its popular festivals, movie cycles and an unstoppable agenda of events, Barcelona has a dynamic and intergenerational cultural scene in which take pride.

To tackle it, in this edition of Barcelona ICD, we will welcome in our exhibitors area key agents like Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Icub) and the local Public Libraries.

In addition, the programme also features cultural activities to give an example of Barcelona’s rich popular culture and tradition. For example, Mammaproof will explain how to enjoy Barcelona as a family; while Vadevermut will tell us the secrets of a great vermouth, a Catalan tradition. There will also be a food-truck of Peruvian cuisine, and the possibility of tasting craft beers made in Barcelona.

Barcelona ICD attendees will also enjoy kids activities, like the one sponsored by BISA; as other to play with legos bricks organized by Bricks for Kidz.

And if you stay until the end, you will enjoy the show by Barcelona Rainbow Singers, followed by a Catalan rumba concert, which closes the programme.

Come tomorrow to Barcelona ICD and mix in with Barcelona and its culture scene. You just have to get your free ticket here.