Turisme Responsable i Sostenible

Responsible and sustainable tourism

  • Let's share Barcelona

    There are lots of us living in this city. Together we've managed to build an atmosphere of respect and positive community life, with each of us is working alongside the city's institutions to ensure the welfare and respect of all its citizens.

  • Biosphere World Class Destination

    Since 2011 Barcelona has had the Biosphere responsible tourism certificate in line with the international criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

  • Shock plan to back the cooperative and solidarity economy

    City Council is putting a shock plan into action to support the development of companies forming part of the cooperative and solidarity economy.

  • Respecting people's peace and quiet

    It's perfectly possible to enjoy the city without disturbing local residents' peace and quiet; everyone can get along together with mutual respect. The noise map shows noise levels by street section and is a tool to help check the city'sacoustic status: 


  • Barcelona Sustainable Tourism

    This is a Turisme de Barcelona (tourist board) programme that brings together various companies offering products for tourists that suggest places to go and services that allow visitors to enjoy the city in a sustainable way.

  • Accessible Barcelona

    Accessible places, adapted hotels and barrier-free transport. This is a tourist board initiative to help people with disabilities get all the information they need on what the city offers to help them enjoy their visit.

  • Catalan festivals

    Barcelona lets visitors see its own special culture. Every Saturday in the heart of the old town, Ciutat Vella, there is a festa of the most deeply-rooted traditions , like sardana dancing, castellers building human towers, bastoners stick dancing, the creatures of the festival bestiary, and much, much more.

  • Empremtes de Catalunya

    This is a registered trade mark identifying high quality craft products from Catalonia that highlight the region's particular culture, art and history.

  • Slow Food

    Barcelona-Vázquez Montalbán, a Slow Food Catalonia association, includes those restaurants that offer "0 km" local food and are committed to the environment, health and good taste.

  • Barcelona Metro Walks

    Seven different routes around the city by metro that allow you to get to know the different neighbourhoods like a resident, in a sustainable way and with complete freedom. Maps of each itinerary are included along with journey times, photos and explanations of the main points of interest.

  • Biosphere World Class Destination
  • Barcelona Sustainable Tourism
  • Barcelona Accessible
  • La Festa Catalana
  • Empremtes de Catalunya
  • Slow Food
  • Barcelona Metro Walks
  • For promoting tourism that shares environmental responsibility between visitors and residents, Barcelona has been accredited with Biosphere certification as a responsible tourist destination.

  • A city with a top-quality model of tourism that fosters the potential of each and every one of its neighbourhoods.

  • The cultural heritage, architecture and creativity of its artists make Barcelona an exceptional city.

  • A city open to everyone, with a wide range of possibilities for tourism related to social responsibility projects.

  • Barcelona is a pioneering city in terms of its architectural adaptation of public spaces for everyone, as well as in proposing improvements for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

  • With a spirit of commitment to the environment, Barcelona believes in renewable energy, recycling and the implementation of measures to save both water and other resources.

  • Barcelona promotes green means of transport for both residents and visitors alike, including cycling, electric vehicles and public transport with low CO2 emissions.

  • The city's green spaces are one of its most attractive features. Montjuïc Park and Barcelona's green lung, the Collserola range, are examples of the perfect combination of nature and city.

  • With the aim of promoting the consumption of local produce and fair trade, Barcelona has a huge number of shops and restaurants that offer really high quality products.

  • Interest in its own identity makes Barcelona a city of artisans, where many articles are made by hand, using top quality materials , and have a high cultural value.

  • Accessible Barcelona

    Accessible Barcelona

    From museums adapted for blind people to visits in sign language,, Barcelona commitment to accessibility.

    La Fabrica del Sol

    La Fàbrica del Sol

    This is a building which has been renovated using bioconstruction material which promotes sustainability and environmental education of the general public.

    Barcelona Fòrum District

    This association brings together hotels and organisations in the Fòrum area that share values of social responsibility, environmental issues and cultural development.

    Barcelona's Bus Turístic

    Hello BCN!

    This is an integrated travel card that helps visitors get around, using a single card for the different means of public transport.

    Bicitours Barcelona

    Barcelona Bicitours Association

    A group of companies dedicated to hiring out bikes and giving guided tours so that visitors can enjoy the city using this sustainable means of transport.

    Ecological taxi

    Ecological taxi

    In line with the city's eco-friendly spirit, this taxi firm offers a fast service in its silent and sustainable hybrid vehicles.

    Live: electric vehicle

    Live: electric vehicle

    Barcelona, one of Europe's key car manufacturing centres, is driving the introduction of electric vehicles into the city through the "LIVE" programme.

    Alberg Inout

    Inout hostel

    Located in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park, the Inout hostel is part of a non-profit social project to integrate people with disabilities into the workforce.